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Space Beats Space Beats

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Only left arrow shows

Howdy. I'm Tass... I run a rhythm game site you might have heard of, (I only mention this to give my below statements clout... not to promote my site). Your game is only displaying the left arrow when I try to play it. I'm running XP x64 and Chrome with FP10. That is just a wee bit of a bug, no?

Also, from the gameplay stance.. a few recommendations. Allow users to customize the arrow keys to whichever keys they want. Allow up and down scroll.

It's hard for me to judge your chart making abilities, given I was only able to see 1/4 of the charts... but you definitely should swing by our forums. There are expert chart makers there with years of experience. That's the biggest flaw I see in most rhythm games released... the quality of their charts is awful.

GL with your game and portal.


littleMonsterGames responds:

Hi tass!

Thanks for the review.

I'll check out your forum later today!

mission to Jupiter mission to Jupiter

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Fun, but glitched

This game really isn't hard... I beat it on my 2nd time playing (here's the vid if you need help: 6ONXs)

But watching the video, I noticed that those blue bonus point spheres aren't actually giving you any points. Hence the glitched. Definitely needs to be fixed, or it kills any shot at replayability.